45 year age gap – Filipino

My action dad (mum’s Ex partner) is in his 60s. He split from my mum once I ended up being 14 and we also have actually remained very close. He’s been like a dad in my opinion and my cousin.

He could be an attractive, warm, friendly guy. We both love him to bits. He’s got been unlucky in love and contains been desperately lonely.

Well anyway he is gone towards the Philippines and came across somebody – works out this woman is just 19. (he’s told us this woman is 25) but i have possessed a nosey on Twitter and found her.

I’m sure age gap is huge but i have seen larger. I do not comprehend the attraction and I also don’t possess a clue about Filipino tradition. Is this standard? Is he at risk?

We intend to check out him and have now a discussion that is frank him. She’s got applied in the future over here for work visa (she actually is a pupil)

Simply desired advice / thoughts. Additionally i understand it is an age gap that is shocking. I do not should be told that and I also do not wish to listen to punishment towards him. We’m not thinking about the theory.


He could be lonely? I must say I don’t believe there was a shortage of solitary feamales in their 50s and 60s in britain . Being the exact same age and having developed in identical country talking the exact same language they might have lots in accordance, which will be a great basis for the good relationship. I wonder why he does not want that?

For whatever reason, single/divorced guys over 45/50 don’t appear to wish females their particular age. They always want younger/ fitter/ slimmer women of only 32-33 ish. Most women of the age (created and raised in this national country anyhow!) defintely won’t be interested, and won’t be subservient like numerous young Filipino ladies will soon be.

Many single/divorced Western women 40-45+ have taken a great amount of shit from guys, and can have invested at the least a few decades increasing a family group, doing the wifework, and coping with drudgery, and won’t function as prepared maid that many single guys aged 45+ will need. Most likely why they look further afield … to locate a girl that will be what they’re searching for.


ok exactly why are all of us saying he is purchasing her for intercourse and tidy up after him – not totally all senior guys want this. he could be going about any of it completely the wrong manner but he could nevertheless require a meet vietnamese women relationship with somebody and treat them rightly and look after them.

Yeah I sort of agree. Some of the young(er) ladies are not deeply in love with the older males, nonetheless they do have a decent relationship and can get on well often. After all, no wedding is ideal anyhow will it be? And many individuals remain along with not always being profoundly in love. Some drop out of love, some had been never in want to begin with.

I do not think these males are with it simply for the intercourse though (plus the wifework,) they desire the companionship too. And also as I stated, the women get cared for too.

Nevertheless think 19 y.o. with 60 y.o. guy is grim though!

@CosmicCanary we’d an age that is 35-yr and had been on our vacation all of the years we had been hitched. I have been widowed an excellent several years now and I also have always been still in deep love with him. If you’re matched in your hearts, the age is absolutely nothing. Just how many failed marriages would you see of people the age that is same?

Yes most men would try this considering that the countries are very different.

I did not ask just exactly what ‘most men’ would do.

I inquired what you will do.

Could you seek down a “loving relationship” with a 19 yr old child? we presume you’ll, because you seem therefore thinking about this pairing?

* They remain house, prepare, clean, take care of and dote on the husbands, your home is going to be immaculate, he can receive attention so he is delighted. Just what a nice option to live out of the your retirement times!*

Oh well, provided that the person gets a housekeeper with advantages then whom cares eh?

And I also’ve known FIlippinas that are many both right right here as well as in my amount of time in the center East. Most of the females work. Not one of them are house doting over their geriatric husbands.

That is extremely sweet @toxic44 and I also am happy you had been pleased. But, a 35 12 months age space is quite not likely to function long-lasting for many people.

Shared exploitation is a terrible thing. Loneliness will not equate precisely to intercourse with a woman that is young. It equates to bigging up your ego, and a intimate beanfeast.however, good this chap is, exactly what he could be doing is not very good.You may be an excellent individual and do bad things. from time to time.

Two of my buddies within their 50s are hitched to Turkish men. Husbands both very early 30s

50s and 30s isn’t remotely much like 60s and teenagers. And I also spot the op did not far say exactly how into their sixties he had been. For many we all know it could possibly be nearer to fifty years age huge difference.

All of the individuals saying he simply desires companionship – why don’t you simply use an are now living in housekeeper?

Consume a learning pupil for minimal lease when they do all of the household work. As an au set thing that is type.

No expectations that are sexual no ‘relationship’. The kind of thing which was a regular function of agatha Christie publications – old rich ladies using ladies to be on getaway together with them and iron their clothes etc.

Absurd to recommend the only method you will get taken care of in the home is via an exploitative arrangement.

I have traveled to Philippines & Asia. There’s absolutely no benefit system or free college or NHS. It really is a predominantly catholic nation. It really is a country that is beautiful the folks are hot and friendly. I became walking round a shopping that is indoor ( can not keep in mind which nation) there was clearly a ‘shop’ that advertised brides ‘ that would care for both you and your family members’. I’m perhaps not stating that We agree, however these things do take place in countries where you will find few possibilities with no state advantages. Next, i really believe that a British individual really needs an income of ?18k to create in somebody from a non eu nation.

It could be a reasonable arrangement and a pleased relationship. Or it may never be. Relationships are difficult. That one is not any various.

I believe that the complete large amount of condescending feedback on this thread come from folks who are Uk and possibly never quite appreciate their fortune and privilege. A lot of the globe requires significantly less than completely equal, 200%-in-love-all-the-way relationship to be certainly and truly delighted.

OP, you asked for advice. I’d never ever ordinarily advocate sharing a thread but i believe in this situation he’s in urgent need of the wake-you-up call. This is exactly what people will think about their relationship as well as him – can he deal with that?

Therefore creepy. How about we women his age that is own like?