Nantes state they are”completely stunned” that Cardiff have called on the French government to establish a criminal investigation into the death of footballer Emiliano Sala, accusing them of exploiting the tragedy.
When the airplane carrying him to his club Cardiff from Nantes crashed near Guernsey into the English Channel, argentine forward Sala died on January 21, 2019.
On Tuesday, Cardiff responded to an article published in French sports newspaper LEquipe, which maintained the players agent Willie McKay along with Nantes proprietor Waldemar Kita were central to any investigation.
Cardiff explained that a complete investigation was required, not only to ascertain what resulted in the downing of their Piper Malibu airplane, but also to respond to the wider questions that were highlighted, specifically linked to the use of illegal flights at the football industry and the use of intermediaries in participant transfers.
In conclusion, Nantes stated in a statement:”FC Nantes are totally amazed by Cardiffs umpteenth try to exploit this tragedy.
“FC Nantes has always shown a very quiet attitude since the start of these events. FC Nantes has acted in good faith, while Cardiff has made repeated attempts to destabilise public comment with falsehoods.
“What certainly appears to be a media offensive is indeed unsuitable as we just paid our respect for Emiliano Sala at a couple of days and one day before the submission of Cardiffs memory deposit prior to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”