It is no fun betting on the favourites at the Oscars, so Max Liu makes the situation for a trio of well priced bets for Tinsel Town’s big night this Sunday…
Best Picture – Roma set to romp to victory
This marketplace looked competitive when nominations were announced but, with just two days ahead, Roma 1.58 is defined to be the very first foreign language film to win.
Mexican director and screenwriter Alfonso Cuaron reached deep into his youth, and his country’s political history, to craft this gorgeous movie. What’s more, Netflix have played a blinder during the Oscar campaign, emphasising the labor and technical nous that went to realising Cuaron’s vision and their situation needs to prove persuasive here as it did with the Directors Guild of America, in which it took the top prize.
According to the gambling, Green Book 4.20 is the closest rival to Roma, but it is tough to confirm when its director, Peter Farrelly, did not get a nod for Best Director. Only four movies have ever won Best Picture without a Best Director nomination.
The movie with the best chance of causing an upset is, for my money, Black Panther 25.00. True, it does not have a nomination in some of the other significant categories – directing, writing, acting – but it might win support in the Academy’s expanded, younger and more diverse membership.

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