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Former Wales captain Sam Warburton has predicted on World Rugby to standardise the way concussion is treated.
After suffering blows to the head in games warburton praised Wales and England’s treatment of gamers.
But the Irish and British Lions captain maintained the exact criteria aren’t met in France.
“France don’t treat concussion badly and they have had deaths within the past 12 months,” he informed the Scrum V podcast.
Warburton said Wales’ decision to eliminate fly-half Rhys Patchell early in their 19-10 defeat on 7 September was praiseworthy.
However Warburton, who retired from July 2018 aged 29 after repeated trauma issues, added:”I’m not positive whether that occurs in France.
“And what I’ve learned from coaches and players, they do not take concussion seriously so that’s where I think World Rugby do need to enter lots of those temptations.
“I have been dealt with Twickenham where I have been pumped out; the RFU [Rugby Football Union] coped with me brilliantly.
“Wales I think do it brightly so I can say firsthand these two have things so – I think all the Home Nations have but I’m not convinced every other country has.”
Patchell neglected a head injury assessment (HIA) following a heavy crash with Ireland back row CJ Stander. The stand-off is being monitored and is predicted to fly on to Japan to take part in the Rugby World Cup.
The participant suffered two concussions throughout the 2018-19 season playing.
Wales coach Warren Gatland states Wales’ medical team will be consulted Patchell’s past head injuries and they will”see how he fares during the next couple of times”.
Warburton said it was significant players do not go back onto the field after failing HIA tests.
“There’s something called second-impact syndrome, which can be when if you become concussed and you go back on and get yet another concussion your likelihood of a fatality increase hugely,” additional Warburton.
He explained Wales’ movement in keeping Patchell off has been”because he has had a concussion – it is not using the World Cup in sight, it is for the participant’s safety”.
Four players – two amateurs and two professional – died in France between January 2019 and May 2018
But not all of those were concussion associated, with Nicolas Chauvin suffering a different and a broken neck – Louis Fajfrowski – collapsing and dying after being struck in the torso.
An analysis ruled his death was brought on by commotio cordis. His heart stopped since he had been hit in the torso at a vulnerable moment in the cardiac cycle.
17, two amateur players, Nathan Soyeux, both Adrien Descrulhes, and 23, died after taking heed to your head.
The French Rugby Federation (FFR) has shaped a global forum along with World Rugby and has proposed a change into rugby’s tackle laws forcing players to handle competitions below the chest.
The FFR was asked to comment.
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