FCRA Compliant Background Check.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA comprises some very strict requirements. When we perform a FCRA compliant desktop check, online background checks for employers our workflows and triggered actions ensure you’re in compliance and requirements are met.

Adverse Actions.

Adverse actions occur after an employer has used information found at a history screening document to decline an application. Organizations have been required by the FCRA to send a letter to the applicant containing details about the adverse action choice. Trusted Employees ensures all notification procedures are followed in accordance with regulatory requirements. Streamlined and incorporated, our protocols provide simplified adverse actions compliance and notification procedures for your company.

Industry Specific Compliance.

Trusted Employees checks whether your organization’s operations comply with the industry specific laws and regulations which govern your specific business. Each business and utilize case is exceptional, and you need a professional on your side to avoid non compliance. Our employment screening alternatives are designed with compliance as a key focal point, and that means you don’t have to worry constantly about following rules and regulations.

End to End Security.

Confidentiality and data integrity are primary concerns for organizations of any size. Human resource including employment history screening data security is essential to comply with federal, state and industry particular regulations. Trusted Workers goes above and beyond to ensure the data in your applicants is safe and secure, available only by those people you authorize.

Built In FCRA Compliant.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act has been created to provide security, fairness and precision for all job seekers when associations use background screening services. It sets national standards organizations need to follow through the entire hiring process from program conclusion to adverse actions remediation. Reputable Employees FCRA expertise facilitates compliance by providing you documentation, forms, letters and much more to meet FCRA background check requirements.

Proven Expertise.

Experience is born over years of expertise. You wouldn’t hire an applicant hoping they learn on the job. You want demonstrated success backed by years of experience. Trusted Workers gives you precisely that. We’ve been around for years and have evolved with the changing regulatory and compliance landscape. It’s a combination of superior compliance understanding combined with exceptional technology alternatives.

Straightforward FCRA Background Assess Compliance.

If compliance is a major problem for your company, then you need to rely on our time tested employment background screening alternatives…