The War Against Anonymous casinos

Anonymous casinos are online casinos where you can play without having to divulge significant personal information, or any at all. At an anonymous casino, all you need to do is sign up with the casino: you may need to provide an e-mail id to which the casino can send any mailers or other communication. Once you open an account with the casino, you can log in and click on your favorite games to start playing.

You get a good selection of games to try out, and exciting promotions that you can use to play them. Customer support is excellent and available round the clock. And you get to play most of the games in both real money mode as well as free practice play mode. We say ‘most’ because the games available include live dealer games and these are usually available only for real money play.

And yes, you can win money if you are playing in real money mode at such a casino. The best part is you can withdraw your winnings securely, anonymously and speedily. How is this possible, you may ask? This is made possible by allowing players to transact in Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrency.

Anonymous casinos provide you with the anonymity you are looking for by allowing you to make payments in Bitcoins or any other acceptable form of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that operates independently and is not under the governance or jurisdiction of any central regulatory authority or body. This is where it differs from regular or fiat currency: fiat currency is regulated by government and financial institutions, which is why people using it need to provide information about themselves so the usage cab be monitored.

The deregulatory nature of cryptocurrency is at the core of how anonymous casinos work. Players make deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoins and other recognized cryptocurrencies, which means they can operate with a degree of independence. They do not have to provide important personal and financial information at the time of conducting a transaction, be it a payment or a withdrawal.

The level of anonymity provided is very high, and there is no geographic limitation: players from anywhere in the world can play here. That is why more and more players are opting for anonymous casinos nowadays.

So when you opt to play in an anonymous casino, you are able to create your own casino account, deposit funds into it, use the bonuses to play the games on offer and then withdraw winnings from your account. The big difference from doing this at a standard online casino is that at an anonymous casino you can do all of this, including withdrawing funds, without providing the casino with any of your personal details.