Alberto Enrique García

New York Based Photographer

¡Hola! Soy Enrique y soy de El Salvador.
Tierra de gente feliz y trabajadora.
Un país también conocido por sus bellas playas,
que son un paraíso para los surfistas
y por supuesto por las pupusas. 

About Enrique García

I’m Enrique. I’m from El Salvador and I’m currently based in New York.  I’m a cartoonist, a singer, an actor, a writer, sports lover, PC and phone technician, a so so drummer, once a good trumpeter who led a marching band and I got paid for it. But more than anything I’m someone who loves photography and being able to capture those special moments that tell your story.

Photography keeps evolving but one thing remains true: It tells a story.  The magic begins with you and your loved ones. I’m here to help you make those memories everlasting.

It’ll be my pleasure to meet you and capture your story.

See you soon!