Spouses, next-door next-door neighbors hold war of terms in armed Crimea standoff

PEREVALNOYE, Ukraine (Reuters) – if you have a frontline in Russia’s to date bloodless armed forces procedure in Ukraine, it really is only at a run-down base near a town for a highway through the hills of Crimea, where Ukrainian troops are holed up, refusing to surrender to a huge selection of Russians who possess them surrounded.

The battle is certainly not between your troops, whom regardless of the standoff never have fired an attempt in anger, however in the arguments among the list of civilians that have come right here to guide one part, one other, or sometimes – both.

A group of males from the village that is nearby Russian flags and occasionally chanted “Russia! Russia! ”. They shouted at and chased away four ladies who arrived bringing food for the Ukrainian troops trapped in the base.

Walking away, Ludmila Ivkina mumbled: “They can shout, ‘Russia’ all they need, but we can’t discuss Ukraine whenever looking at our very own land. ”

Another associated with the females, 22-year-old student Anya Dudnichko, had knotted a ribbon of Ukrainian yellowish and blue inside her locks.

“What sort of war is this? ” she said. “It’s an infiltration. Nobody has also announced war. ”

For the time being, both edges state they truly are spending so much time to avoid a shot that is first fired. The Ukrainian army contingent in Crimea was much too little to give armed resistance to Russian forces. The commander of the navy surrendered, and it is now desired for treason by Kiev.

But at a number of areas Ukrainian troops have actually refused Russian sales to stop tools and pledge allegiance to pro-Moscow local authorities.

Only at Perevalnoye, the Ukrainians are closed up in 2 armed forces substances while a huge selection of soldiers in lots of vehicles and armored cars with black colored Russian number that is military have actually arranged camp nearby.
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