The Washington Post Ran a Modification to Its Impairment Tale. Here’s Why It’s Nevertheless Incorrect.

The other day, TalkPoverty revealed a few severe issues with The Washington Post’s analysis that is recent of protection impairment advantages in rural America. Yesterday, The Post issued a modification alongside brand brand new calculations. Regrettably, you can still find major issues with their data—and their main thesis.

For beginners, The Post continues to over-count “working-age” beneficiaries by including over fifty percent a million individuals over 65—even including in certain those who are significantly more than 80 yrs. Old. More over, as opposed to utilizing the Census Bureau’s United states Community Survey (ACS)—what the Census calls “the leading source for detailed information regarding the United states people”—The Post uses a far less frequent information set The CDC’s “Bridged-Race Population Estimates” data set was created for the true purpose of allowing “estimation and contrast of race-specific statistics. ” It really is utilized by scientists whoever goal that is main to calculate consistent birth and death prices for small-sized racial and cultural groups—not at all exactly just what The Post’s analysis tries to do.
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