We Tell You About Armenian Wedding Traditions and Traditions

These Armenian wedding traditions and traditions are based on Western Armenian social history or Armenians regarding the diaspora and their descendants. These can help you comprehend traditions related to church, gown, meals, and reception in Armenian tradition. These things are infrequently talked about whenever Armenian individuals are dating, but wedding brings an entire level that is new of understanding.

Orthodox Church Weddings

The majority that is overwhelming of (85 to 90%) are Apostolic, also called Armenian Orthodox, or Eastern Orthodox. The remaining are Catholic (lower than 10%), and a rather majority that is slim Protestant (not as much as 5%). We shall give attention to a number of the traditions for the Orthodox that is armenian Church.

No matter their ethnicity). The other person need not convert, but must be Christian at least one person of the couple to be married is required to be Christian Orthodox (this includes Serb, Russian, Greek, and American Orthodox, as some Orthodox people choose a close-by church.

The few is needed generally in most churches to go to pre-wedding guidance administered by the church. Virginity for first marriages remains prized in Armenian-American culture — for both brides and grooms — even though it isn’t strictly anticipated. This belief is true also a century following the Armenian Genocide in more recent generations.

Most clergy is only going to marry you physically in the church, based on Orthodox tradition. This means no yard weddings, house weddings, etc.
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