absolutely Nothing but difficulty: whenever a mother can’t stand her teen daughter’s closest friend

Most of the time misgivings that are parental buddies turn into misplaced

Published Feb 14, 2011


Exactly exactly What should you tell a young adult whose buddy is absolutely nothing but difficulty whenever she seems that the buddy is her friend that is best into the entire world—-but you already is able to see how lousy her buddy could possibly be? Interested in advice for the mother whom really loves her child, not constantly her daughter’s buddies.


As a mother that has been here, i realize your concern. It really is a normal instinct for a mom to try and protect her kid. Adolescence is really time of research and teenagers often “check out” other ways to be, including choosing different types of buddies. Your concern happens to be raised with this weblog times that are many. In reaction to 1 audience, We shared some suggestions for mothers dealing with this problem. Other moms chimed in thus I’ve expanded record.

1) Your reaction hinges on the chronilogical age of your youngster. Whenever children are young, you can choose and select people they know. Because of the full time your son or daughter is a tween or teenager, they need to are able to select their own buddies.

2) resist the desire to leap in. Never embarrass your child or make him/her feel babied in the front of a peer. Never try to parent the “bad buddy” – that isn’t your task. Hold back until following the close friend has left to own “the talk” and also to talk about your emotions and impressions together with your kid.
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