How exactly to Hook Up With Another Woman, From Somebody Who’s Complete It, Like, 2.5 Circumstances

There comes a place in just about every young woman’s life when she’s like “Hmm. Vaginas. How can you experience them? Given that it appears like we feel a lot better about them than I was thinking. I do believe I’m going to pretend to become a supportive friend tonight, hit up the homosexual bars with my GBF, get really drunk, flirt with a lady whom functions like a child, and — simply spitballing here — possibly allow a lesbian get down like I experienced no clue it absolutely was planning to take place the second early morning. on me personally, and act”

I understand what you’re thinking: actually? Does ANY young woman have that thought process? Because — and I’m perhaps perhaps maybe not attempting to make any implications — but this feels like a tremendously “you-specific” situation.
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