All you need to find out about post-sex anxiousness

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More or less 3 moments once excellent orgasm, the bestt the blissful post-sex haze, the brain began to ponder.

We recalled the way I haven’t spotted the pet your everyday lives regarding your road, Bernie, for some time.

Imagine if he’d become strike simply by an automobile? Let’s say this person are dead?

Delay. I experiencedn’t overheard at my buddy for a time both. Is he dead? My buddies, my loved ones, everyone else at your workplace – are each of them only dead?

Quickly I happened to be hyperventilating towards my own boyfriend’s upper body.

That’s once a pattern was noticed by me.

Crying immediately after intercourse is not unusual in my situation. Nor actually feeling that is sudden of panic to fear.

We have anxiousness, despair, to obsessional ideas, quite instantly stressing in which everyone else i really like is actually dead was that is fairly standard I’d pointed out that all ideas are appearing more often right after intercourse.

Allow me to become evident. I’m speaking about effective intercourse. Very good intercourse, even. Absolutely absolutely Nothing traumatic as even distressing as part of in any manner.

I’d heard about post-sex blues, still by no means post-sex anxiousness. I needed to discover so I chatted to a psychologist to find out if I was alone in this phenomenon, whether there’s actually a link, or if my post-sex anxiety is actually hiding deep-rooted trauma related to sex.
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