Poeciliid types happen the main focus of several research concerning intercourse dedication (26).

Furthermore, various poeciliids display sex dimorphism, with a few colors patterns then fin forms controlled with sex-linked loci (thirty nine ? ? ? –43).

That clade yourlso offers a variety out of genetic intercourse dedication systems, and both of the men plus women sex that is heterogametic seen in various types (44, forty-five). More work with poeciliid intercourse chromosome shape displays centered on that the Poecilia reticulata XY program, added to chromosome twelve (46), which ultimately shows low degrees of divergence (42, 47). While recombination was suppressed done nearly 1 / 2 along the P. Reticulata sex chromosome, there clearly was bit sequence differentiation involving the X and also Y chromosomes no perceptible lack of Y-linked gene task inside men (47).
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