We work on Indiana University School of Medicine — the biggest medical school

Published might 19, 2016 – authored by Jose Rivera Espada

Each year and more than 80% owe at least $200,000 in a combination of student loan principal and accrued interest in the U.S. — where more than 315 medical students graduate. During my 28 years as Director of scholar Financial Assistance, medical college tuition has grown 650%, ultimately causing a dramatic escalation in medical education loan indebtedness. Our medical college is through no means one because of the greatest pupil financial obligation. Rather, we represent an example that is average of student loan indebtedness. Needless to say, several medical school outliers have substantial resources which help medical students minimize — but not entirely eradicate student loan debt that is. And yes, 15percent–20% of medical students graduate every year without having any debt, due to household resources, service-connected scholarships ( e.g., Military, nationwide wellness provider Corp), or a mix of savings and scholarships.

A burden or an investment in an era when medical student debt is steadily rising and health care payment reform makes expected monetary returns in any specialty more nebulous, one big question is: Should medical students consider medical school debt?
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